Keto Snickers! Ice Cream Snickers Fat Bombs

Keto Snickers! Ice Cream Snickers Fat Bombs

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Keto Snickers! Ice Cream Snickers Fat Bombs
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33 replies
  1. Amanda d'Adesky
    Amanda d'Adesky says:

    In terms of structural integrity, wouldn't it make more sense to do a chocolate layer underneath the nougat layer to prevent the problem you're having with taking it out of the mold if it sits for even a short period of time?

  2. Susie T
    Susie T says:

    So excited! I saw Halloween- pumpkin mold at Walmart and I said THIS is the recipe I’m putting in them! Just made putting in freezer. Thank you for the fun!

  3. Princess Bigfoot
    Princess Bigfoot says:

    I made these. They taste like straight peanut butter. But I like peanut butter and like that they're cold. Definitely will help me kick a craving and it is a nice cold treat. But if you don't like peanut butter… try a different one.

  4. JayMoore3D
    JayMoore3D says:

    Oh my goodness! I just made these. They are incredible. Seeing as ice cream Snickers have always been my weakness, you guys have just become my saviors. PS- I wonder how the unfrozen mixture would taste mixed in with some keto ice cream.


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