It’s Not Magic | 4k Calorie Day 16

It’s Not Magic | 4k Calorie Day 16

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It’s Not Magic | 4k Calorie Day 16
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23 replies
  1. Cindy Bills
    Cindy Bills says:

    If you are insulin resistant, such as a type II diabetic, the high insulin levels you carry all the time stop you from losing weight on a simple calorie restricted diet. Carbs drive up sugar, which drives up insulin, and high insulin blocks weight loss. Dr. Jason Fung, the nephrologist out of of Toronto explains this in his book, The Obesity Code. By eating a keto diet, blood sugars come down, insulin resistance begins to heal, and a person can lose weight eating more calories than they can on diets such as the high carb one recommended, believe it or not, by the American Diabetes Association. This is the miracle of keto for people with type II diabetes. You can put that disease in remission over time and stop having to take insulin. AND you can finally lose weight!!

    If you eat keto and eat past satiety, like a famous keto person many of us know who is still peddling his books even though he's gained back much of the weight he initially lost, you can and will gain weight. In his book this guy says he has a bite of butter with every bite of his meal. As you are proving, if you eat that many calories a day in fat, your body will store it as fat.

  2. The Majestic Manatee
    The Majestic Manatee says:

    This is the second time I try keto. Last time, it really worked for me, I felt a lot better (which is why I started), got fitter and lost weight (even a little too much I would say), but traveling made it hard for me to stick to it. Weirdly enough, this time, it's not working for me. I've gained weight whilst constantly feeling hungry and tired. I don't want to lose a crazy amount of weight but instead gaining weight also isn't great..:p I would like to cut my calories but it's hard when you're constantly feeling hungry, like you're missing something in your diet. I'm just not sure if I can function normally with less calories. Any suggestions?

  3. Fred Jaeger
    Fred Jaeger says:

    I'd be interested to know if you're familiar with Gary Taubes and his views on so-called, "Good Calories v. Bad Calories." Both he and Jason Fung would be awesome interviews on your Keto for Normies podcast. I'd like to hear much more and how both of them weigh in on the "Calories Matter" argument. Thanks for what you do.

  4. Jafar Calley
    Jafar Calley says:

    For someone like me, calories don't mean that much. It's what I eat that's more important. eg. I might lose eating 1500 cals Keto (20% ish deficit for me), but if I ate 1500 cals SAD style, I would definitely gain several kilos. If it was only down to calories, none of us would be having trouble losing weight would we? The body is a lot more complex than just a simply energy exchange. What happens to that energy when it gets in your body is of more consequence.

  5. joey bladez
    joey bladez says:

    Im thinking that matt may be at a metabolic disadvantage in overeating "keto style" in of itself. Matt pretty much exudes a near classic "carb type" profile and seeing as he was at a high carb diet previous to keto it might be the case that a higher carb intake might be a more optimal fuel for his body type in general in regards to his oxidation rate, autonomic dominance or sympathetic/ parasympathetic dominance. I personally LOVE and truly thrive off a keto diet but as much as it is perfect for me, I know that it is not the " end all" lifestyle solution for everyone. I truly believe that one person's lifesaving diet could be another person's poison. I would be interested in seeing matt's progression with a high carb diet implemented BUT, with as much attention and focus on hitting correct macros and eating the right whole foods as he does for keto. I challenge you sir with great respect and on behalf of my enormous curiosity.

  6. Tracy Andrirs
    Tracy Andrirs says:

    I don't count calories. I watch my portions and carbs and that seems to do the trick. I do believe calories count. I've seen videos on keto people who are struggling to lose weight and they're eating 4 eggs, 4 pieces of bacon, cheese, avocado all in one meal. Snacking on nuts and eating processed keto junk food. Drinking 400 calorie coffees with their meals. They wonder why they aren't losing weight. Duh!!
    Like you guys said. Keto ain't magic.

  7. net poser
    net poser says:

    Have you read any of Gary Taubes' books? Baffling that you think high-carb and keto produce the same insulin response and weight gain. Sam Feltham did this back in 2013 eating 5,000 calories per day (a high fat and a high carb version). He lost weight on a high fat diet. It's sad that you think a calorie is a calorie with all the science out disproving that myth. Ever listen to Tim Noakes? Zoe Harcombe?

  8. Dnell Carson
    Dnell Carson says:

    Hey Matt my brother, u may really want to think about your green vegetable intake. I think thats a major mistake.. Especially when upping the calories on Keto. That may be part of the cause of ur weight gain and bloat. Just something to think about. Low green veggie intake Keto = Major Gut issues.

  9. Brandon Lambert
    Brandon Lambert says:

    What is your theory about why wittrock didn't gain like you did? It definitely is a confounding variable in your theory that a low carber would gain similar to you on 4k a day. I believe calories count too, but his is an interesting study.

  10. AntiGravityGains
    AntiGravityGains says:

    It's been fun to watch this experiment! You might have been about 4-6 lbs heavier from just water retention in first few days if you did this experiment with carbs due to making a switch from glycogen depleted to glycogen filled. I also think that types of calories do matter esp as we age because carbs/sugars contribute to inflammation (far more than a fat focused diet) which is the cause of many health conditions such as obesity/Type 2 diab and artherosclerosis. Not that intermittent or extended day fasting is preferential for many, I believe keto woe helps people achieve an intermittent fasting regimen. I personally don't know from experience because I had been using I.F. for 4 years before going full on lchf/keto.

  11. Nattie SugarSmiles
    Nattie SugarSmiles says:

    Just a last note that I will trust Drs long before these articles on the internet. I have been following Dr Mercola for about 15yrs and he has helped me with my fms and now the keto diet. In short you do not get fat because you eat too many calories and don't exercise enough. You get fat because you eat the wrong kind of calories. Here's the link to his findings.

  12. Foodie Turned Sleevie
    Foodie Turned Sleevie says:

    Cheesecake looks fantastic–everybody's talking about Instapots and I don't have one but maybe I need one…
    Also, yeah, I'm really into data and stats and numbers. I recently got the Fitbit Charge 2 which I know isn't the most accurate thing in the world, but I like the all day tracking of my caloric expenditure. I'm starting to compile this data against my caloric intake to calculate the rate at which I lose/gain weight. I definitely think it has to be looked at over the long term, though, so for now I'm still collecting data, but it's interesting!

  13. Cindy Miller
    Cindy Miller says:

    Yes, my data over years using Cronometer shows a metabolic advantage in eating keto. Losing weight during my juicing experience necessitated 1200 to 1400 calories a day. Eating high carb low fat 1400 to 1600, and keto 1800 to 1900 calories a day. I've lost over 50 pounds in 2 years, with lots of ups and downs before this relatively consistent trend down. Keto is also faster weight loss. Diligently keeping data has helped me understand what works for me and your videos help me keep on track!


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